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There are two LAST-A-FOAM BONDER types: a Standard-Cure version that develops handling strength in 2-4 hours, and a Quick-Set version, offering similar strengths in less than one hour, allowing quick-use of assemblies.

These polyurethane-based adhesives expand slightly to fill bond-line gaps, and cure to a hardness closely matching surrounding foam material, giving almost-invisible joints. Physical properties and chemical-resistance will be similar to those of regular LAST-A-FOAM materials.

Solvent-free, LAST-A-FOAM BONDER use is not limited only to polyurethane foams; these one-part bonders will also work on polystyrene, PVC, and other, similar plastic foam products.

LAST-A-FOAM? BONDER overcomes many problems associated with similar products; they do not expand too much, and their cured-hardness, when fully-cured in 24 hours, allows machining and sanding with little evidence of their presence. Used according to directions (fully listed on container-labels), these adhesives will give excellent coverage and reliable performance.

LAST-A-FOAM? BONDER is available in 1-gallon containers from General Plastics' local distributors at very competitive prices. Larger-quantity packages are also available on-request.

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